With DSE Assessor Training, you can manage your workstation requirements in-house

When it comes to your employees DSE Assessments at home or office, you have two choices.

  1. Approach a competent DSE company such as ourselves to train and assess each staff member
  2. Train an employee/s as an in-house assessor. They can complete the training and assessments for all staff in your company.

Depending on the number of employees, the second option is often the most cost-effective. The appointed assessor receives training to become proficient in all guidelines and practices. they then go on to provide your DSE assessments to each of your employees. When new guidelines and legislation’s come into place, they receive further training as required.

Cost Effective method of achieving DSE compliance

Employers have the task of ensuring compliance with the regulations. This is often balanced against the cost of implementation. To achieve compliance, each assessor receives the training necessary for meeting current standards. In this way, an in-house DSE assessor can be a cost-effective way of complying with your obligations.

Our aim is to encourage your staff to become engaged in the correct health and safety practices. By working in partnership with our experienced trainers, they will gain the knowledge and tools they need. Each assessor puts the theory into practice before completion of the course. This is vital for demonstrating an understanding of DSE principals and course content.

Course Content

  • One day assessor training course held on client premises
  • Overview of Regulations relating to employees and display screen requirements
  • The role of the assessor within your company
  • Potential user and operator risks associated with workstations
  • Environment and Equipment
  • Assessment Process
  • Corrective Measures, including practical demonstrations
  • Re-assessment requirements
  • Practical sessions completing a final assessment

Training Pack

  • Training Course Booklet
  • User’s Guidebook
  • Assessment Checklist (can be personalised on request)
  • Certificate of Attendance