The Law and your obligations as an employer

By law and in accordance with The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992 (as amended 2002) employers must seek to protect health by reducing the risks associated with working with computers, workstations and Display Screens (for more information visit It is a legal requirement for an employer to ensure each individual computer user’s workstation is assessed with the aim of lowering risk by implementing appropriate precautions. The assessment should consider the ergonomic design of equipment, furniture, work organisation and routines, working environment and posture.

The Regulations also require the employer to provide adequate health and safety training relating to working with computers, helping employees to identify and minimize their own risk.

All of our  services are designed to ensure compliance with the DSE Regulations offering adequate training material for each user and completion of a comprehensive checklist to provide a clear recording of findings. Our training material provides employers and employees with a basic understanding of the Regulations, highlighting measures to reduce risk.  To request a copy of our Users Guide please see the information contained here.