As well as homeworking being included in the DSE Regulations, under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (Management Regulations), the employer is required to carry out an assessment of the hazards to which homeworkers are exposed.Click here for HSE Guidance (PDF download)

We can provide full UK coverage for our homeworker assessment service. A fully trained Assessor will visit the homeworker at their home office to complete a comprehensive homeworker assessment.

If a DSE user is employed to work at home, the DSE Regulations do apply and a home workstation is subject to the same requirements as that of an office employee. The risks associated with computer use apply whether an employee is based in the office or at home and therefore a workstation assessment should be carried out.

Onsite Home Visit

Full UK coverage.

A fully trained Assessor will visit the homeworker at their home.

DSE Training and a detailed workstation assessment completed.

Adjustments to the home workstation will be made during the assessment where possible, immediately improving comfort.  Where we are unable to achieve a comfortable workstation set-up during the assessment, a detailed report, identifying all ongoing recommendations is supplied.

Online Homeworking Assessment

‘Pay As You Go’ Payment Plan

Training and Self-Assessment Process

Homeworking Environment Risk Assessment

Detailed DSE Assessment

Full Report and Action Plan

Follow Up Assessment at home available if required

A homeworker should be trained on how to minimise their risk and both assessment options detailed above provide training for posture and workstation set up. The outcomes of our homeworker assessments are reported back to the employer as appropriate measures should be taken to ensure the computer user can work comfortably. The employer must ensure that all equipment used is suitable for user’s tasks.

Many employees may be unfamiliar with working from home and therefore our assessment has been designed to cover other considerations related to lone working. Our homeworker assessments cover Working in Isolation, Reporting Procedures, Comfort, Homeworking Environment and Display Screen Equipment.

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