We designed our comprehensive One-to-One assessment process to identify and lower risks for workers.  This consists of implementing appropriate precautions for DSE use where necessary. This bespoke service is created to your requirements and that of your company. This ensures we provide a personal service for both you and your employees.

One-to-one DSE assessments are the ideal choice for those wanting to minimise their own input. The program is overseen by our account manager, leaving you free to undertake your daily responsibilities. This program provides a straight forward approach to DSE Assessments compliance.

Assessment Process

A trained Assessor will complete a one-to-one assessment with each workstation user.  This uses a comprehensive ergonomic workstation checklist. The assessment not only refers to the equipment and furniture, but the complete working environment. This will meet the employers’ requirements as laid down by the regulations.

We explain the principles of good practice whilst working at a terminal . A key advantage of the one-to-one training and tuition is that we can deal with issues at the time of assessment. This in turns helps to minimise risks by early intervention. In our experience a simple change to the workstation can make all the difference. This also reduces your action list at the end of the assessment program. If there are still issues that need attention, we can make appropriate practical recommendations.

Breakdown of Assessment Process

  • A health assessment and survey for employees
  • Workstation environment, equipment, and layout
  • DSE training on an individual basis
  • Guidebook outlining procedures and advice for each user
  • Risk Assessment
  • Recommendations for improvement for the DSE work environment
  • information and program management