Online DSE Training and Assessments are a fast and easy way to meet your DSE requirements.  As an employer or an employee you can receive online training together with a final assessment.

Due to growing demand we have broadened our spectrum of online services to provide options for varying company sizes. Many larger companies opt for online training and testing, but smaller companies can explore this option.

We can create an online assessment form specific to your company. This will give private access to a bespoke assessment for your employees, enabling you to fulfil your requirements without your employees ever leaving the office, or without the need for in-house training.

We have two online options to choose from. Each provides complete flexibility depending on your requirements.

Option 1 : Pay as you Go

This system has been designed with smaller companies in mind but we feel the system is compatible for 1 to 500 users. You are assigned an Account Manager and you simply pay for your assessments as and when needed without entering into a contract or paying upfront licence fees. There are no set up fees or minimum user numbers offering DSE compliance in 3 easy steps.

Step One
Mandatory completion of DSE training module.

Step Two
On completion of the training module, access is granted into the DSE risk assessment.

Step Three
Completed assessments are reviewed by a fully trained assessor and a summary report is issued. The report highlights risk categories and a summary of recommendations.

Option 2 : Licence Agreement Contract

#This requires a licence payment for each user, entering into a contract for a specified term. This system offers the option of corporate branding and is available on request. As with the ‘Pay as you Go’ online option, each user will be required to complete a training module before entering the risk assessment process. Users are tracked and traced via automated emails to ensure each user completes the assessment process.

To ensure compliance, a system administrator will need to be appointed, whether it is your own company representative or your DSE Assessments Ltd account manager administrating the system remotely on your behalf. Full system training is recommended if you wish to appoint your own administrator. The system is designed to encourage the user to resolve their own issues where possible, but any unresolved issues are flagged to the administrator for further investigation, highlighting their risk category.

Follow On Assessments
Completing an online assessment is only the preliminary phase. Compliance is not met until all risks found during the assessment have been addresses. We can rectify these with by simple recommendations, but higher risks may beed further investigation. Follow up ‘face to face’ risk assessments are available upon request if professional advice is required.