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Online DSE Training and Assessments are an efficient and cost-effective option in meeting your DSE requirements.  We fully manage each program on your behalf, requiring minimum input from you.  Our unique ‘Pay as You Go’ payment plan allows to you pay for assessments as you do them, with no need for a contract or expensive up front fees.

We continue to expand our range of online assessments to meet the demands of the modern workplace, reflecting computer use, both in and out of the office.

We can create an online assessment form specific to your company

In addition to our current range of online assessments, we can also customise a program to suit your needs.  This will provide you with access to dedicated online assessment built around your company requirements, which will be delivered to your staff within a fully managed service.

Office DSE

Online DSE Training and Assessment for office based employees.  Includes ‘hot desking’


Online assessment designed for permanent and full-time homeworking

Temporary Homeworking

Online Temporary Homeworking Assessments designed for COVID-19

Flexible Working

Online assessment combines office DSE, homeworking and remote working