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Our Flexible Working online assessment has been designed around the need for more flexible working arrangements as demanded by the modern workplace

Many employees can now work remotely and do not need to travel to the office every day. Flexible working can greatly improve home/work life balance, adapting working practices to suit personal requirements.

Confirming if staff are working safely in all environments such as office, hot desking, homeworking and during remote working/travel can be challenging, which is why we have designed a new ‘Flexible Working’ online package to cover all aspects of working within one online assessment. The assessment included the following.

  • Importance of Good Posture
  • Health Questionnaire
  • Office DSE Assessment
  • Homeworking Environment
  • Homeworking DSE Assessment
  • Working with Portable Devices
  • Remote Working/Travel

Training and Modules

DSE Training

The Importance of Good Posture’. It is made compulsory for each user to confirm they have completed this module before they can continue to the self-assessment checklist.

Flexible Working Checklist

The training is designed to equip the user with the knowledge they need to complete the assessment form athough guidance is provided throughout. We agree a completion date during which time reminders will be sent to achieve a maximum number of completions.

Report and Recommendations

All completed checklists are analysed by our fully trained Assessors. Any issues raised are reported to you in a user-friendly report, complete with an action plan. For those users highlighting more serious issues, follow up visits to the office or home are available.

Customise your Online Assessment

We can customise the content of the FlexibleWorking online assessment, incorporating your own health and safety policy and procedures. This will give private access to a bespoke assessment for your employees. (Minimum quantities apply).

Trial an online Assessment for Free

If you would like to have a free trial of the Flexible Working online assessment, send us your details and a link will be emailed to you.