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Providing DSE Assessments for Temporary Homeworking Employees

The Temporary Homeworking DSE Assessment was developed specifically in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  It was designed in line with HSE guidelines for temporary homeworking, initially to help our existing clients through this challenging time. Although we already offered a range of DSE and homeworking online assessments, we didn’t feel they were appropriate for the temporary nature of COVID-19 homeworking so we developed a new format offering a more realistic and cost-effective approach.

We have now successfully completed Temporary Homeworking programs for numerous clients and fully understand the issues employees are facing due to their new and continuing homeworking arrangements e.g. musculoskeletal discomfort, mental health, childcare commitments, and personal circumstances due to ill health.  This assessment will allow you to effectively reach out to all staff who continue to be based at home temporarily to identify any concerns and to highlight those who are considered more at risk, enabling you to prioritise any further action.

The Temporary Homeworking assessment was originally designed in response to COVID-19, although the format is suitable for employees who find themselves temporarily working from home due to personal circumstances such as injury or ill health etc.

Benefits include:

  • Process is fully managed by us.
  • Tailored welcome email to all temporary homeworkers with the link and password to complete the assessment.
  • The assessment can be customised for larger projects.
  • All completed assessments will be analysed and reported back to you within a short time frame.
  • Outcomes categorised according to risk.
  • Full report with recommendations provided
  • Copy of all self-assessment submissions for your records.

Customise your Assessment

We can customise the content of the assessment, incorporating your own health and safety policy and procedures. This will give private access to a bespoke assessment for your employees. (Minimum quantities apply)

Trial an online Assessment for Free

If you would like to have a free trial of the Temporary Homeworking online assessment, send us your details and a link and password will be emailed to you.