DSE Assessor Training

One-to-one DSE assessments offer a detailed investigation of the workstation and is  recommended where a user has already identified discomfort or has an existing medical condition, affecting their comfort.  It is also available to assess all staff in your office and is an ideal choice if you want to minimise the action plan at the end of the assessment process.  This option will provide a straight forward approach to DSE Assessments compliance.

Assessment Process

A fully trained Assessor will complete a one-to-one assessment with each workstation user.  We use a comprehensive ergonomic checklist to assess  risk related to the use of the computer equipment, furniture and workstation environment to meet the employers’ requirements as laid down by the regulations.

A key advantage of the one-to-one option is that we can deal with issues at the time of assessment, minimising risks by early intervention.  In our experience a simple adjustment to the workstation can make all the difference to comfort. This approach will also reduce the action list at the end of the assessment program. We provide a detailed report of our findings and where issues need further intervention, we will make appropriate and practical recommendations.

Breakdown of Process

  • One-to-one Workstation Assessment with each user
  • Health Questionnaire
  • Posture, Equipment, Environment
  • Adjustments to workstation made where necessary
  • DSE training provided during assessment
  • Educational ‘Importance of Good Posture’ leaflet provided for each DSE User
  • Level of risk categorised
  • Recommendations for corrective equipment

We also offer an online DSE assessment package, please click here for details.