We specialise in providing DSE Assessments across the UK including assessor training, online assessments, homeworker training, and more.

Our fully featured and bespoke DSE Assessments can be online, in house (at your place of work), or structured to particular type staff such as homeworkers . We use a combination of advanced DSE training modules, downloadable guides, and online or in house appraisals using a structured package specific to your company.

As we are able to offer both online and onsite assessments, training and testing, we are one of the most versatile DSE Assessment providers in the UK. In addition, we also cater for homeworkers via our online service or home visits. Both of these offer the required level of training and assessment, so whichever option you choose you will meet your health and safety obligations as an employer.

To ensure your workstation requirements are met a ‘User’s Guide Book’ is issued to each user either at the time of training by the assessor or via our online program. If you choose our face-to-face option (on your premises) then the assessor will provide the training throughout the course.

Our DSE Assessment and Training material will equip your employees with the knowledge they need to contribute to minimising their own risk.

For more information please give us a call on 0844 335 6188, or by completing the below form.

Bespoke Assessment Forms

tailored to your requirements

We can provide full customised assessment forms specific to your companies requirements. Add as many or as few additions to the stock form as required, or we can create a complete new form to your requirements.

Full secured and Compliant

Encrypted secure forms and data transfer

We go to great lengths to ensure we only use fully encrypted forms, and store no sensitive data on our servers.

Downloadable Guidelines and Training Material

Online material and Assessments

We provide everything online in order to easily fulfill your obligations as an employer